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Maharashtra tourism through landscape photos

Maharashtra is the most prosperous state in India and is blessed with around 700 kms of coastline on the left and the Sahyadri mountain ranges spanning from north to south on the west coast. In this post we provide an overview of the state of Maharashtra tourism through landscape photos to bring attention to its various areas in and around Pune region.

The area between the coast line and the mountain ranges in the left is called Konkan and it has some of the most mesmerizing natural beaches and biodiversity ecosystem hotspots. The Sahyadri mountains also give rise to a range of forts in this area built by the great king Shivaji in the 16th century to defend the state from the invaders such as the Mughals.

This website aims to promote the beauty of Maharashtra for tourism through various scenic photographs of the western Maharashtra region primarily showing various unexplored spaces to boost Maharashtra tourism industry. 

maharashtra state

Maharashtra state offers a great diversity for the tourism industry in India. This website covers two of the main attractions

1. The western ghat mountains of the Sahyadri mountain

2. The west coast landscapes of Konkan region between the Arabian sea and the Sahyadri mountains.

The western ghat mountains are listed as one of the 8 biodiversity hotspots in the world, and offer a range of flora and fauna for the nature lovers. The mountains also have hundreds of forts maintained or built by the great Maratha King Shivaji. The Sahyadri mountain ranges are a paradise for trekkers and offers beautiful green views laden with majestic waterfalls during the monsoon season (rainy season between June to Sept). Many rivers originate in this mountain range that flow eastwards covering thousands of kms forming important water sources for the rest of the southern Indian states. Many dams on these rivers gives rise to backwaters and helps in water irrigation for famers. 

The Arabian sea on the west coast of Maharashtra offers a coastline of almost 600 kms with picturesque beaches, and beautiful rural town settings offering a break from the hustle bustles of the commercial cities. Many Indians flock to these beaches during holiday breaks. Some of these beaches are popular due to their proximity to the commercial cities, while a few that are away stay secluded maintaining there charm. The beaches in Raigad district for example are quite popular as they are close to the main cities like Mumbai and Pune in a range of 100 to 200 kms, offering a perfect weekend gateway with family and friends. 

If you go further south in Sindhudurga district the number of tourists visiting dwindles as its the southern most district on the cost and just above the famous state of Goa. Devgad is one area in Sindhudurg district which has many beaches that are still quite peaceful. Check about it in the special page on Devgad here. We have a dedicated photography website exploring Devgad landscapes including drone video footage of various Devgad locations here. Check it out for further information. 


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