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Tapola is a small village surrounded by the Koyna dam backwaters next to Mahabaleshwar. It is 30 kms to the south east of Mahabaleshwar and just 40 kms of west of the Satara city. The road from Mahabaleshwar to Tapola is filled with amazing views of the backwater surrounded by tall Sahyadri mountain ranges. The backwater stretches as long as 80 kms and forms a great sight all over the year, but during the rainy season becomes even more beautiful due to the greenery every where. On the nearby hills you can see the tall installations of the windmills from Satara. There is a ferry service that takes your vehicles across the other side that forms Satara hills from where you can reach Satara very easily. The famous Kas plateau from Satara is just 10 kms across the backwater crossings. This region has plenty of agro tourism resort settings surrounded around the pristine backwaters and offers a much needed gateway away from the maddening city crowds. There are a range of water sports activities you can do in the backwaters. 

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