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Malshej is a famous hill station around 130 kms from Pune in the north east direction towards Nashik. It marks the boundary of the Sahyadri mountain ranges with the Malshej ghat section being the area with deep valleys. You can approach it both from the Mumbai area as well as Pune area. It has the famous Harishchandra gad fort right next to it which has the Kokan Kada, which is a tall semicircular stone cliff. This entire area looks very beautiful in the rainy season from June to Sept, when there are lots of waterfalls every where, surrounded by the green background. There is a MTDC resort right next to the ghat. There is a backwater lake in the direction of Pune side approach road which gives rise to lots of water sports activities and boat clubs. The entire area has amazing mountain ranges with panoramic views. The route to Malshej from Pune is covered by the Nashik highway for around 75% of the distance and then passes through the towns of Junnar, which has the famous fort Shivneri where the Maratha king Shivaji was born in the 16th century. 

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